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The [email protected] group meets regularly to share updates from its respective teams and organizations, and to learn new ways to make workplaces more inclusive.

Spring 2021 virtual webinar—making purpose and joy a priority at work

A panel of [email protected] board members and guest leaders shared some tips and tricks on how to feel joy and purpose through the spring 2021 session. Here are the three most important lessons:

  1. Feel purpose through your day: we should be intentional about our choices and avoid (as possible) activities and meetings where we aren’t adding value.
  2. Take risks: finding joy and purpose at work is a test of resilience. It requires daily commitment to take risks to find roles aligned with our principles and keep moving toward the intersection of passion, profession, vocation, and mission.
  3. Keep recreating yourself: where we find purpose will almost certainly change through our careers, so we should be prepared to shift—especially from just focusing on ourselves to include developing those around us.

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