PERLab is hands-on. Our experts work directly with your cross-functional teams to explore your product’s true value potential. We bring you a range of proven value-building tools for end-to-end product life cycle management, including consumer sentiment studies, value engineering, competitive product teardowns, cost modeling, rapid prototyping, and lean operating models. Together, we find new cost savings, enhance the product features that matter most to your customers, and deliver sustained gains to your bottom line across the following imperatives:

Improve product margin

We’ve worked with more than 200 companies over the past five years, and fewer than half had conducted a comprehensive review of their products before we stepped in. These companies were effectively leaving money on the table. In fact, research shows that proactive product life cycle management can translate to an average of 15 to 50 percent in EBIT opportunity.

Optimize operational complexity

When it comes to performance, unnecessary complexity is the enemy. It drives up costs on all fronts, creates confusion for your customers, bloats your supply chain, and increases operational risks. That’s why reducing complexity remains a key pillar of Kearney’s Strategic Operations Practice.

Design for sustainability

With nearly 50 percent of the growth in the consumer goods industry in the last five years driven by sustainability-marketed products, green is not just a trend—it’s a requirement. However, embedding environmental excellence into business strategy is a challenge for organizations without an all-encompassing framework to achieve their targets.

Build design DNA

In a survey we conducted with over 500 executives, more than 95 percent of respondents recognized the importance of design-centricity, yet only 15 percent had integrated design into their strategy and operating model. The gap raises questions about what’s behind the disconnect. More importantly, it creates an imperative to remedy it.

Drive customer obsession

What’s the difference between the top-performing consumer goods companies and those that remain mid-pack? The secret is customer engagement—or even better, customer obsession. The best brands have cultivated a loyal fan base, and it wasn’t by accident.

Launch profitable new products

Three out of five new product development projects don’t meet their profitability objectives or fail to launch completely, despite long timelines and big budgets. The reasons are usually the same: a lack of appreciation for competitor offerings, a less-than-compelling customer value prop, or simply weak execution.


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